Michelle provided my husband and I with a clear path to sleep for our third child as we navigated the challenges of sleep deprivation with two young kids and a colicky infant with reflux and severe allergies. Her support came at a time when we needed it most, and we are forever grateful for her effective guidance and expertise. She is a game changer for parents with young kids!
— Rebecca M.
We’ve worked alongside Michelle through every stage of sleep transitions for our children — from infant sleep training to moving on up to big kids beds. She was very professional yet approachable and caring. Her expertise as a pediatric sleep consultant and qualified RN proved to be an invaluable asset to our family’s well being.
— Elizabeth L.
I worked with Michelle to get my son on a better sleep schedule and I could not be more pleased! When I started, my little guy was 6 months old and up several times a night and not napping well, either. Michelle helped me set up a schedule that was realistic and beyond helpful. We had multiple communications over a few weeks, tailoring the schedule to what worked for us. Within two weeks, my baby was down to one night feed (that I was eventually able to taper off using her guidance) and napping like a champ. Thank you, Michelle!
— Kelly S.
We came to Michelle exhausted, stressed, and so desperate for some help. I was starting to feel hopeless. I know I was looking forward to the help but at the same time I was so anxious and a little skeptical about everything working. Michelle’s understanding, sensitivity, and passion were so appreciated. She was so supportive and right there with us every step of the way.

We can’t thank her enough for her help. When I think of how far we’ve come, it’s so amazing!
— Sheerali and Ash